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Old 06-24-2010   #21
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Originally Posted by The Cheese View Post beat me to it .
Thanking you for the posts is not nearly enough kain
I mean...all of the stories are funny ...but your stories are something else .
la2 ma te3tale ham l 2osas ktar

Ok i think i was 7 or 8 then. I was coming back from school with my cousin's to my aunt's place for a sleepover. My 6 year old cousin and I got into a fight and she scratched me in the face. Her nails were so dirty & full of germs my face started burning

Not that it's enough that a girl got me crying. I go back to my aunt's and i can't even get close to her for revenge because she's on high alert! I go sit with her brother and she comes in eating a cucumber. So how do i get my "revenge"?? : Ali ali rasha's talking with her mouth fullll

And do i get my revenge ?? noooooo. He says: It's ok it's just because she took a big chunk of food. Now i have a burning face, 0 dignity, and a girl sticking her tongue out to me because she got away with it

Edit: This led to me bullying older kids in school a year was just for that year though

عميت عين لا تراك عليها رقيبا

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I Killed my brother !!!!

Thank You ...
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i drank "kaz" went to hospital and nearly died , i fell off the first floor to the garden , my sister heard my crying and saw me , went down beating the hell out of me and saying how did you fall your so stupid , instead of checkin on me and takin me to the hospital , the hot milk pot fell on me as i was trying to grab it , no scars took place on me , that was a miracle , i walked naked in my town ghazieh when i started walkin , i got out of the house and kept walkin for about an hour untill our neighbor found me.

when i was 4 or 5 i used to watch super man , so one day as dad was leaving in the car mom told me to go stop him and tell him to bring a "rabtit 5ebez" so i went running and held that little iron thingy from the back of the car and i wanted to stop him , sadly garni shi 200 meters and me still holding on and my legs being sweeped on the street , untill our neighbour saw me and yelled to dad , i still have cute scars on my both legs .

on my 10th birthday , brazil was playing against france in the final of the world cup of 98 , and they lost 3-0 , that night i kept crying all night long , the next day i cant remember what happened back then , but i was hospitalized , i think it was a nervous breakdown.

4 years ago in 2006 , i was in the theme park , and there was this toy bull , that if you ride it for 10 seconds you would win 200$ , so i rode it , the first time i fell , the 2nd time i fell , the 3rd time , the man in charge of the game changed shifts with a new untrained woman , so the 3rd time i fell and she didnt know how to stop it from going round and round , so when i stood up , his horn hit me in the head , causing me to faint on the floor , and hearing some lady sayin ( ghato weggo ghatto wego met l sabi () ) , next thing they took to me to hospital , asking me lots of things , i thought i was in 2004 and many other confusing things happened , it was a funny experience though i dont regret it .
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Systa, you'll be lucky if you live 5 more years :P
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Once i threw a plastic box on my sister's face, she got an injury right under her eye.
Also few years ago, my cousin hit my nose while playing basketball, i ended up with a broken bone. 2 weeks later, the same cousin hit my eye this time. I was half blind for 3 weeks.
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- I once burned down the whole toilet room

- I used to throw many things from the balcony (heavy things: like ashtrays, pepsi bottles (Glass), etc...). Oh btw, 2ouwet el rade3 el soure keno bi wej bayte, so I used to throw those things on them and they were not able to do anything to harm me for i was 2-5 years old. it ended up changing their location

- I used to hit my middle brother and tell him that if he does not speak out to my parents, I'll give him 2 000 L.L.. until now ma a5ad lira :P

- Big brother tax
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