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Default Re: Mind Vs heart

Originally Posted by mr_j View Post
when it comes down between my heart and my mind, my heart always wins it, and I endup losing most of the time, but my conscience is always clear that way, using your mind sometimes gives you a bad feeling.for example at school I often run accross students going to a test and having forgotten their calculator or something like that,they often ask whoever they run accross,when I am asked, I could just say I don't have one and walk away easy, but I take the trouble of trusting them with it for a day, and give them my cell phone number and most of the time I end up calling them and staying late at school to get my stuff back, and I end up lied to, but I will always do what I do because if I don't I will feel selfish and guilty.this is just one example but I use my heart in most decisions

Couldnt say it better Mr_J
you said it right and gave the perfect exemple
Nowadays i am more using my mind

If my smoking bothers you. Don't breathe.

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Default Re: Mind Vs heart

In Life: use ur mind

In Love: Use ur heart

Very simple
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Default Re: Mind Vs heart

Life isnt a part from love, but love is a part from ur life so ur equation cant work here
if u want "success" use ur mind, if u want "happiness" and just happiness use ur heart:
- u love som1, u care abt him, ur happy wiz him, ur parents ma 3ejeboun l chakhes u use ur mind--> end of the story
- ur salary is 800$ 3am tosorfo 3a shopping, ta2 7anak, ur enjoying ur life, once u use ur mind betbalich dek bel asbe
- i want get my MBA from Canada im using my mind,MBA w im gonna work there w get so much money once i start "flg" and start missing my parents w my frds who i left here b2oul 60 sene 3al success i was happy where i was be7moul 7ale w berja3
this is my new definition of love and mind
thats how i c it
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Default Re: Mind Vs heart

Follow Your Heart... But Take Your Mind With You.
What we do in life, echoes in eternity.
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