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Vcoderz Dj
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Default Where do u stand?

Ladies n gentlemen, without referencing ur parties' handbook on what u should believe, what are ur views on:

Gay Rights:
Gun Control:
Capital Punishment:
Global Warming:
Tax Rates:
Government Size and Scope:
Military Size:
Minimum Wage:
Public Education:

Post if you are FOR that option or AGAINST that option, and plz specify why u are for or against the option posted above.

PS: If I missed an important one just add it.

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Abortion: yes , under 3 months .
Gay Rights: NOT in public, our society is NOT ready for this yet.
Gun Control: YES
Capital Punishment: YES
Environmentalism: YES
Global Warming: we have no effect on this
Welfare: ??
Government Size and Scope: technocratic medium
Military Size: HUGE
Homeless: ma fi mennon hon
Minimum Wage: 800$
Prisons: make em better
Public Education: FREE all levels
Outsourcing: ??
Trade: ??

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Abortion: only within the first 5 days of pregnancy
Gay Rights: totaly AGAINST whatever the reason was and gays should be executed
Gun Control: Totaly with
Capital Punishment: with
Global Warming: Extremely agree on treating this case.
Tax Rates: no services --> no taxes, otherwise taxes will be welcomed
Welfare: yup with this
Government Size and Scope: Totalitarism with 1 head of state and direct rule from the army.
Military Size: The citizens are the army and everyone is obliged to go into service.
Homeless: get a job
Minimum Wage: 1000$
Prisons: make a nice island in the middle of the sea like alcatraz and put all the mofos in it
Public Education: essential
Outsourcing: sometimes, i prefer to use it as a last resort
Trade: VV imp. trade with everybody under substancial quality rules
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Abortion: depends of the social status of the person, yes for singles no for married people

Gay Rights: no comments (gas chamber is good for them)

Gun Control:السلاح بـِ ايد ..... بـِ يجرح

Capital Punishment: WITH

Environmentalism: yes for the rest of it

Global Warming: solving it now, although we're safe now

Tax Rates: following "lan nadfa3" issue! we will pay if the old
odious debts of lebanon

Welfare: depending on all cases! finding jobs would be better

Government Size and Scope: not more than 10 ministers, and around 50 deputes

Military Size: allah yse3edoun, back to conscription

Homeless: search more for a job

Minimum Wage: 1000$

Prisons: improve their situation

Public Education: free for all with a higher quality

Outsourcing: depending on the case, why do need the help?

Trade: stop the hashish in bekaa , woman in maameltein, etc...and every other trade is good in lebanon, need some help from the government.
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