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Default funny and interesting news

10k in cracker box

Debra Rogoff made an amusing discovery in her cracker box. Instead of crackers she found $ 10 000 in it.

Mrs. Rogoff went to the grocery store near her house and picked up a cracker box, which later was observed by her daughter to contain 100$ bills which amounted to 10 00 USD.
Instead of being amused and keeping it, the Rogoffs grew curiosity towards how could the money had made into the cracker box.

As the element of doubt was building up strongly in their minds the idea of something big behind this discovery has been slowly developing in their minds.
So without waiting another minute they have informed the police about it.

Police has enquired regarding it with the store keeper and recovered that an old lady approached him saying that she has mistaken her savings box for cracker box and placed it for replacement.
The police returned the box to the lady, who found her cracker box safer than a bank.
Neither the rogoffs nor the police ever heard a word of Thank You also from the old lady...

Eight-year old boy crashed teacher’s car?

An eight-year old German boy was reported to have crashed his teacher’s after he was sent out of class for disrupting a lesson. The boy managed to pinch his 40-year-old teacher car key when she latter was not looking. Despite being untrained, the young fellow was capable of starting the engine and accelerating the vehicle into first gear.
After approximately 25 m, the boy could no longer manoeuvre the vehicle well, which later crashed into a Volvo that was parked in the car park outside the school. When questioned, the boy revealed that he wanted to drive back home to complain to his mum about being sent out of class.
Police estimated a total damage of 8000 euros in the total incident...

Beach too hot? Refrigerate it…

Having a cold beer or a can of fizzy drink is what most can think of when it comes to a hot weather. How about the idea of refrigerating the whole beach? This is what Palazzo Versace fashion house, a luxury hotel in Dubai, is planning to do for their wealthy hotel guests. The project will include a network of pipes beneath the sand containing a coolant that could absorb heat from the surface, thus guests could enjoy strolling comfortably along the beach even on a hot sunny day. The overall control would be via an automated thermostat system. If you think this is the end of the luxury, think twice. To make the hotel even more attractive, there have been proposals to refrigerate the swimming pool and installing giant blowers to create gentle breezes over the beach. These are how far the luxury hotel is preparing to cater for its wealthy guests in the competitive hotel business.
Competition among hotels are becoming more intense in Dubai, especially with one of the world’s first seven stars hotel, the Burj Al Arab, being launched in the city. Armani, a competitor hotel with Versace, is building a similar branded hotel.
Though the above might sounds attractive to potential tourists, on the other hand, such plans have angered the environmentalists. Rachel Noble, the campaigns officer at Tourism Concern commented that such destructive lifestyle would contribute to climatic change, whose consequences would be felt by the poor...

Sleepwalkers go online?

Imagine if your friend send you an email late in the night, asking you to join her for a wine. Researchers from the University of Toledo reported what doctors believe to be the first ever case of sleepwalk mailing, in other words, using the internet while sleeping.

The case happened on a 44 year-old woman, who got up after sleeping for 2 hrs to send three emails to her friends. Apparently, the woman did get up of the bed, but did not wake up from her sleep. What she did was complex, which required her to on the computer, connect to the net, and log on to compose three emails.
Mails composed were not well-formatted and written in strange language with a mixture of upper and lower cases.
Neurologists commented that sleepwalk mailing is far beyond simple sleepwalking, as in such event it required complex behaviour and co-ordinated movements including typing, composing and writing the messages. It also amazed neurologists that the woman was able to remember her password to turn the computer on, though she remembered none of such happenings after she woke up.
The causes are still not understood, but researchers believe that it might be triggered by prescription of medication...

Were Wolf syndrome

Pruthviraj Patil, son of a well farmer in the village of Sangle near Bombay, India is suffering from hypertrichosis, a rare genetic syndrome which is well known as Were Wolf syndrome.
The 11 year old Prithviraj is pleading the doctors to find a permanent cure for his hair growing problem.
His parents have tried everything under their sleeve, they have tried ayurvedic treatment, homeopathy, they’ve even opted for laser surgery. But nothing seems to have been working.
The boy has been facing criticism from everyone right from the school children to elders in the town.
He has never stepped out of his town scared of being harassed by other people outside.
In his school also during the time of his joining he was really given a hard time, but now it seems that they got used to him and moving very friendly with him.
But the boy is still in pursuit of the doctors hoping they could pave a way for him into the future which would let him live like any other person...

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