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Default FPM and their feudal allies

Elias Skaf one of FPM allies since 2005, he's called a Beik.. i don't know why, even though he can't spell two arabic words in a right way.

The "Beik" recently discovered that Zahle's people doesn't want parties in their city, so he decided to kick the FPM out of his list.
He seems to have forgotten that FPM refused to participate in any government without Zahle being represented by Skaf, and many other occasions where FPM gave this man a lot without getting anything in return.

FPM is still allied with many feudal lords, Murr is one of them, and he already back stabbed GMA two years ago.

Erslan did the same, and i don't know about Franjiyyeh, i guess he's waiting for the right moment.

Don't you think that it's the right time for FPM to get back on track and start building alliances based on what we believe?

fighting feudalism and corruption should start by running against all feudal parties and "political families" not making alliances with them! time proved that they'll get back to their roots and back stab us sooner or later.

ويل لأمة تكثر فيها المذاهب والطوائف وتخلو من الدين

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chou 7achich ma 7achich?!
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The thing is, they all HATE us ya zalameh, they hate our guts! I live in Batroun where Gebran Bassil lives, he's an amazing guy w he does alot of favors w he's very down to earth ya3neh (btw favors mech enno chil heda mnel 7abes w zabbetleh hal dabet w, favors ma32oulin w totally legal) bi sallem 3al 3alam kella w byeda77ak all the time l2elon while as other ppl from here like 7areb and Zahra byemcho ka2an chemmin chi ri7et kha*a ma twekhezneh ya3neh!
Yet, ppl HATE Gebran (ella el FPM) and to explain why, they hold something so little against him, like for example he bought a piece of land in Batroun for about 500000$ and is gonna build there, w houwweh he's an Engineer ya3neh mech ghalat, bas laaaaaaaaaaaaaa NOSSAB sar
Bottom line is ppl hate us, w li sayer bel Batroun houwweh enno 3a ases kenna mettef2in yenzal zalameh esmo Marcelino el 7arek (who is AMAZING w ktir byechtghel w bi zabbet) bas BECAUSE Gebran said FPM ma ra7 yenzal doddo lal zalameh, ne7na mned3amo, kelmet ned3amo ma fetet bi rason lal ouwwet w jame3et 7areb w 2arrar Sayed 3a2el ynazzel lista doddo la Marcelino, Marcelino being a good man said ana bfakker ense7eb eza byenzal Sayed 3a2el li2anno he was/is the true leader of Batroun (cz he WAS loved abel ma yekhraf 7aram), though IF Marcelino decides to stay in the race, he'll win by miles! Bas the thing is, if Marcelino nsa7ab, w FPM decided to make a list, the battle will be hard cz Sayed's list is strong, he brought all of his former enemies and united them under his list just because BYEKRAHO el Tayyar.
U see what i mean? ppl who aren't with us, are simply against us, you want new allies, bas no1 has the same quest as we do, to make this country a better place, kellon bi fakkro bi masle7ton 1st, we just don't have -true- allies cz 2lel li baddon what we want, chi bi ya22es sara7a, bas عونيون صامدون 2ella ma you3o el 3alam after a while w ychoufo el true change towards the better min 3am yes3ilo..

PS: Franjiyyeh loves GMA w he doesn't need any allies in Zgharta, maybe bel Koura u might say, bas kamen i dnt think bi hal manate2 ra7 yghayyer his allies, they hate each other lal damm so ma bet fout bi rason fekret enno holeh saro your allies lal 3alam taba3 both parties
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all the other parties in the country are like these people , nothin will ever change .
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so basically u want FPM to fight against corruption by himself? FPM vs the entire lebanese parties? ya ahlen ya ahlen good luck with that, trust me after 2009's elections I have lost hope w heik sha3eb bado heik 7ekem, bado wa7ad yesre2o edem 3youno w ma yefta7 temmo, lets face it, no matter how hard FPM, HA, Marada.... work we won't achieve the Lebanon that we want, the clean Lebanon, the free Lebanon, we will always have someone to stand against us, why? because the entire world 3am byejo y7elo masheklon 3anna. We live in a country where the man who killed thousands of lebanese is considered the leader of the christian resistance, where the man who drawned us in the biggest dept and left is considered a saint, man who built his political career by lying to his people is considered a hero.... hayda el el lebnen li bado yezbat? eh raked !!!
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