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Default The Power Of Stress

The Power of Stress

Name a six letter word that seems to encompass every pain, fear, and challenge of life. Let's try s-t-r-e-s-s.

From the common cold to cancer, stress appears to be that proverbial causal straw that breaks the camel's back! However, not everyone experiences stress the same way. Some people actually thrive during stressful circumstances while others in the same scenario barely survive.
The body's self-regulating system can be termed homeostasis, and every moment every cell strives towards equilibrium (or homeostasis) while maintaining disequilibrium. This movement enables the body to maintain balance, no matter the environment. When everything remains the same - equilibrium between the inside and the outside of a cell - there is no potential for movement. Because movement is the essence of life, tension is a necessary ingredient for cells, people, nature, to exist. Life is in a constant flux, and living in the Now, the balance point is always changing. Without a certain level of stress, we would lose our ability to adapt and survive. Bottom line, if there is no tension or movement, the result is death.
For most people, the greatest fear, even beyond death, is the fear of change. But because change is a necessary constant for life, people who fear of change often find themselves feeling extremely stressed out!
Stress can be due to negative thoughts, eating dead foods (sugar or processed food), relationships, finances, dehydration, pollution, injuries, geopathic stress (water lines), cosmic stress (Mercury in retrograde), lack of good quality sleep, electromagnetic stress - the list goes on. Although not all stress is negative, and one stressful experience usually does not have the ability to create a catastrophic result, multiple stressful experiences can break down any system.
However, just as the roots and bark of a tree grow deeper and thicker with every storm the tree endures, with the right set of tools, every cell in the body has the potential to become stronger when it experiences stress. The ability to change in response to each and every experience (stressor) we encounter is at the very heart of the process of growth, adaptation, and flow. This can be observed from the cellular level to the macrocosmic level of species survival.
The body's transition from stress to degeneration occurs on an emotional, structural, biochemical and spiritual (electromagnetic field of the body) level when you do not have, or do not understand, the tools or strategies necessary for moving through life's experiences. In an attempt to restore balance, the blood pH becomes acidic. But even a minor fluctuation in the pH of the blood sets off a chain reaction: The body immediately responds to buffer this acidic reaction by pulling calcium from its greatest reservoir - the bones. While this is a wonderful homeostatic response, if the stress is not alleviated the bones eventually weaken. This acidic response leads to inflammation. Inflammation, either localized or systemic (throughout the entire body), will result in degeneration. Cancer, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis are well-known imbalances in the body that are a part of this cycle of stress to degeneration.
However, because the body is an amazing self-healing organism, the degenerative affects of stress can be reversed! You can transform the stresses of your life into empowering experiences for evolving and thriving. There are two simple steps to reversing the disabling affects of stress: 1) Learn to recognize the difference between stressors you can control and ones over which you have no power. How many times have you found yourself holding on to negative emotions about an experience that you literally can't do anything about? This creates further stress that adds to the process of degeneration. Remember: You always have a choice.

2) Adopt healthy lifestyle habits, such as The Five Basics for Optimal Health: quantity, quality, and frequency of water, food, rest, exercise, and owning your power. Follow The Five Basics and you will find that you are able to flow through life as life flows through you.
Remember, we are all part of an infinite universe that is infinitely one. Recognizing this fact will help you to begin your journey back to optimal health and happiness!
doctor of chiropractic Darren Weissman ...

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